Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kia Kaha Christchurch - One Year On.

"Absolutely dumbstruck. As one of my colleagues said "I half expect the whole world to stop, stunned like I am...". I think for me it was probably made worse because when I think of disasters like this, I think of other places. After all, we have all seen the documentaries of the volcanoes blowing in Auckland, and Wellington being rocked by an earthquake. But even after September and Boxing Day, as bad as that was, I never really thought that Christchurch would be struck and devastated like it was yesterday. The images are more powerful than the words and I can't imagine how it must feel down there after a long cold wet and empty night. As someone else said "Give them a break - How much more can they take".

That was my blog a year ago after the devastating earthquake on 22 February in Christchurch. I look at it today and my feelings are still the same... Give them a break!!

Over the past year much has been spoken and written and photographed and debated and drawn as the city continues to shake. Lives have been lost and changed beyond recognition. I now work beside colleagues who have relocated from the city and who still have family there. For them Christchurch will always be home, but some of it is unrecognisable to them still.

And over the past twelve months Auckland Libraries has gathered a selection of resources on Christchurch before and after (which is a phrase you never want to see). A simple keyword search for Christchurch Earthquake brings up results of books published from scientific evaluations and pictorials to picture books and personal narratives.

Today I will be wearing red and black for Canterbury and taking a moment to remember all those affected by 22/2.

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documentaries of volcanoes blowing in Auckland?