Monday, 20 February 2012

Chick Lit reads now summer is finally here

The Secret of Happy ever after (Lucy Dillon)

When a book is set in a bookshop and includes regular references to some of the favourite books of my childhood, I was always going to pick it up and read it.

For many this will be the ideal summer (when it gets here) beach or holiday read. It is light but with enough happening behind the scenes to keep you guessing as to what is going to happen next. The main characters, best friends Anna and Michelle, each have their own secrets as they get on with day to day life, Anna coping with three step daughters who seem determined to make her life as difficult as possible and Michelle running from a past and trying to create her own retail empire.

Mix in some dogs, some men and the magic of a childhood of reading and you have this delightful romantic romp. Even if the sun doesn’t shine this summer, it is will still make a great read to curl up with.

Hand Me Down (Michelle Holman)

Michelle Holman is back to her best with this serving of Kiwi chick lit. To a town of secrets in the Central Otago town of Pisa comes April Annabelle Ritchie-Vincent-Berryman. She is returning to her childhood home, but doubts that she will be welcome due to the circumstances in which she left. She wants to prove that she has grown up and changed since running away (or being tossed out of home) as a spoilt brat princess. However her wicked lip and wisecracks, together with the secrets she doesn't want to share, mean that not everyone believes her. Especially Tarn Elliott, who now owns her families cherry orchard and who has a score to settle.

This is a rollicking romp of tangled families and romances in rural New Zealand. Larger than life characters and a couple of side stories that may bear further investigation by the author add to havoc caused by April and her habit of "being in the wrong place at the wrong time".

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