Monday, 27 February 2012

Cooking up a fragrant feast

I read Janet de Neefe's first book, Fragrant Rice, a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed her story about falling in love, moving to Bali and setting up a restaurant in Ubud (this is *way* before Eat, Pray, Love!).

So I was excited to learn that she's finally written a cookbook, Bali : the food of my island home. It's filled with recipes for dishes that she serves in her restaurant as well as shares with her family, including several key spice mixes (e.g. base genep) and sambals. Interspersed with photos of Bali, the recipes are (mostly) straightforward and I'd say that this is definitely one cookbook to be inspired by.

Although some of the ingredients may not always be available here, such as candlenuts, de Neefe gives substitutes that should be easily sourced locally.

So if you've been to Bali and would like to recreate some of the fabulous food you tasted there, then I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this cookbook.

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