Friday, 28 April 2017

Comics to movies: the 2017 edition

Since the rise of the comic book movie phenomenon, we've had a plethora of movies to feast our eyes on (and heavily critique) and 2017 is indeed the feast of all feasts!

First up we had Logan, and honestly, who doesn't love a bit of Wolverine! This is set in the near future of 2024, where an aging Wolverine and Professor X are protecting someone special, someone with some slightly familiar claws of her own. Ok, I have to confess, I DID cry when I saw this (and more than once), but it really is a comic book movie like no other. If you are wanting a Wolverine refresher before you see it, then you could check out earlier movies X-Men Origins: Wolverine or The Wolverine.

Or if you've seen it already and want EVEN MORE WOLVERINE GOODNESS, you could check out the incredible comic series Wolverine:Old Man Logan which features a much older time traveling Wolverine in an elseworld type adventure. Perhaps you want to know more about Laura (aka X-23), if so you may want to check out X-23:The complete collection.

Next up we had the Lego Batman movie, which all fans of the Lego movie are not going to want to miss. I am still a little heartbroken as I was sick when if first came out, and my mini-geeks went with their dad to see it without me *cries*. If anyone is looking for a date to go see it, PICK ME. They did come back and tell me it was the BEST MOVIE EVER that they had ever seen. But I have to confess they are fickle, and have since seen Moana and declared that the best movie they have seen, kids eh ;)

Right about now we have Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 hitting the ground. I've heard of people who have seen it three times already, and I admire these people greatly! In this new addition, the team continue their adventures and unravel the mystery around Peter Quill's parentage. If you want a heads up on that particular mystery you could check out the graphic novel series that starts with Guardians of the Galaxy (Volume 1). Or if you want a rewatch of the first film to refresh you (or tide you over until the new one hits DVD/digital release) you will find it here. I am seriously hanging out for my baby Groot fix.

Still to come this year, we have so much more awesomeness coming our way.  DC will be attempting to give Marvel a run for their money with Wonder Woman in June, and The Justice League in November. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one drooling over all those released scenes of Jason Momoa's Aquaman *drool*. I'm also pretty sure I really need to catch up on the previous releases Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice in order to really appreciate these new upcoming movies, better get on that!

Last up on my SQUEEEEEE list for 2017 is Thor: Ragnarok which is coming out this October. The third installment of Thor is directed by New Zealand's very own Taika Waititi, and if you haven't seen the trailer already then check it out below. There are a couple of cool little treats in there for fans of his previous movies Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What we do in the shadows . With gladiator Hulk and a super cool looking Cate Blanchett as the big bad Hela, this looks unmissable!