Friday, 28 September 2007

Plenty happening next week in the Library

School holiday programmes continue in the Rodney Libraries next week.

If you wanting to plan here is a quick run down of what is going on and where.

Monday 1st October
Helensville 10.30 am Storytime for preschoolers
Kumeu 10.30 am Storytime for Preschoolers
Warkworth 10.30 am Storytime for Preschoolers
Orewa 2 pm Spring into Spring - Stories and activities

Tuesday 2nd October
Helensville 10.30 am Spring flower stories and fun
Mahurangi East 10.30 am Storytime – What’s hatching?
Orewa 11 am Storytime for preschoolers
Whangaparaoa 11 am Storytime for preschoolers

Wednesday 3rd October
Kumeu 10.30 am Spring garden stories and fun
Orewa 2 pm Spring into Spring – Stories and activities
Warkworth 10.30 am Watch them grow – Garden stories & fun
Wellsford 10.30 am Storytime for Preschoolers
Whangaparaoa 11 am Storytime for Preschoolers
Whangaparaoa 2 pm Indoor games

Thursday 4th October
Helensville 10.30 a, Spring garden stories and fun
Orewa 11 am Rhymetime
Warkworth 10.30 am Storytime for Preschoolers
Wellsford 10.30 am Watch them grow – stories and activity
Whangaparaoa 11 am Rhymetime
Whangaparaoa 2 pm Dogs are your Friends with Craig

Friday 5th October
Whangaparaoa 11 am Free Music & Movement with Hendrina


Louise Nicholas Book

The effects of the Louise Nicholas trial ranged from tidal waves to ripples and are still being felt around the country.

On Monday Louise Nicholas' book "My story" hits the bookstores. In this book Louise Nicholas tells her story of a teenager whose abuse first began when she was a 13 year old and continued throughout her teens. Award-winning journalist Philip Kitchin's investigations into the cover-up of Louise's complaints led to the establishment of Operation Austin. Louise's story is interspersed with Philip's story detailing his investigations into the case. The result is a fascinating read with wider implications for the way we view the police in this country. Public interest in this complex and sorry tale is huge and this has been further piqued by the damning findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct and the outcome of the Dewar case.

Rodney Libraries will have the book on our shelves, hopefully by the end of the week. In the meantime, if you would like to read it you can request it either online at our website or ask at your local library.

If you would like to hear Louise speak, there is an event on Tuesday which may interest you.
'Celebrate Louise's courage, the publication of her new book LOUISE NICHOLAS: MY STORY, and the changes she is bringing about in NZ society.
Dorothy Winstone Theatre, Auckland Girls' Grammar School, Howe St, off K'Rd
Tickets $20 waged, $15 unwaged from The Women's Bookshop.
Visa & Mastercard bookings accepted by phone 3764399, email, or website.


... Fall back.

That's how I always remember which way to turn my clocks for Daylight Savings. AND IT HAPPENS THIS WEEKEND.

Daylight Saving Time. From this year 2007, Daylight Saving will run for a period of 27 weeks. It now starts from the last Sunday in September, when 2.00am becomes 3.00am, and ends on the first Sunday in April the following year, when 3.00am becomes 2.00am.

Daylight Saving will start on Sunday 30 September 2007, and end on 6 April 2008.

So remember to adjust your clocks this weekend

Thursday, 27 September 2007

E-day! A fantastic idea.

E-Day is a simple, free and effective way to dispose of your household computer waste and old mobile phones in an environmentally sustainable way. Electronic waste (e-waste) that is not disposed of properly can seriously harm the environment, wildlife and human health. Take part in this event to ensure you're the resources in your e-waste are recycled rather than landfilled.

There are two drop-off sites in the Auckland region they are open:
Sunday, 30 September 2007 10 am to 2 pm
• North Shore Events Centre, Silverfield Road entrance, Glenfield, North Shore City.
• TelstraPacific Events Centre , 770 Great South Road, Manukau City.

What can I bring?
  • computer hardware
  • monitors
  • networking equipment
  • scanners
  • keyboards
  • mice
  • computer speakers
  • laptops
  • printers
  • toner and ink jet cartridges
  • games consoles
  • mobile phones

Please remove all data from your computer's hard drive and any removable media such as CDs.

Eday is unable to accept televisions, stereos, appliances and furniture. Eday reserves the right to reject items that are not computer related. The collection is open to all Auckland residents. The collections are setup for household car loads only. Commercial loads, trucks, trailers and vanloads will not be accepted.

For more information visit

What can I read to my child? NZ picture books

New Zealand Book Month celebrates New Zealand books and authors. Here are two titles recommended by the NZ Book Month team.

Mrs McGinty is a very grumpy old woman whose life is bleak and lonely. Until one day, she buys a little plant which grows and grows and grows.

Hairy Maclary and his canine friends go for a walk and encounter the toughest tom in town.

What's on in the library today?

The first week of the holidays is almost over but that doesn't mean the fun at the library stops. (There's even a PJ party at Whangaparaoa Library and Service Centre.)

Kumeu Library
"Spring flower stories and fun" 10.30 am.

Mahurangi East Library
"Catch the spring sunshine" 10.30am.

Orewa Library
Rhymetime for preschoolers 11 am

Warkworth Library
Storytime for preschoolers 10.30am

Wellsford Library
"Watch them grow" 10.30am.

Whangaparaoa Library and Service Centre
Rhymetime for preschoolers 11 am
"Pyjama Party -wear your PJs & a spring flower!" 6 pm.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

So you want to be a Librarian ...

When I changed careers a few years back to start work in the library, it was amazing how many people commented that it was something that they have always wanted to do.

If you are one of those people and you want to know more, here's your chance.

A free Study Expo day has been organised for anyone in the Auckland area who
* is thinking about study
* has already started study and would like some advice on which papers to take
* would like to talk to LIANZA about their professional registration scheme

Victoria University and The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand (who are the primary qualification providers for librarians in New Zealand) and LIANZA (our professional association) have stands. Auckland & Manukau will also be there to talk about their library study scheme.
Advice available on library and information qualifications, management,comms & marketing, IT, adult education, LIANZA professional registration scheme and more!

When: Friday 28 September 2007
Auckland Central Library, Level 3, Waitemata Room
Timing: 9.30am - 3.30pm
Cost: FREE
No need to book for the expo, just turn up on the day!
Parking: Special deal available for those that park at Civic underground car park. Collect your ticket on entry and then purchase a discounted ticket from Jayne at the Waitemata Room on the day - $10 for 3 hours (note: you pay as you leave the car park)

Plus there are Two different tours available at the Auckland Central Library, but bookings for these tours are essential (length is 1 hour)
Behind the scenes tour - 9.30am, 11.00am, 1.00pm or 2.30pm
Hokianga exhibition tour - 9.30am, 11.00am, 1.00pm or 2.30pm
To book forward an email to stating your name, tour & time)

I would have loved to know about this chance when I was thinking about what it would be like to work in a library. Now I just love my job. See if it's for you (and let us know what it was like if you do go).

What's on in the library today?

Once again heaps happening in your local library today.

Helensville Library and Service Centre

"Spring sheep stories and fun" 10.30 am

Orewa Library

"Spring into Spring – stories and activities" 2pm

Warkworth Library

"Animal fun with special guest" 10.30 am
Come and meet a guide dog in training, plus our own Council dog man Craig will be talking about keeping safe around dogs.

Wellsford Library

Storytime for preschoolers 10.30 am

Whangaparaoa Library and Service Centre

Storytime for preschoolers 11 am

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Rain Rain, Go Away ...

…come again some other day.”

As a farmer’s daughter I feel I have every right to complain about, or at least comment upon, the weather. And with so much of the District being rural, it is hardly surprising that a lot of the conversation over the counter in Libraries around the area centres on whether it is too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy.

“It’s raining, it’s pouring …”
and if we want to know when it is going to stop, there are some excellent websites you can check out. One of the best is the Met Service site at With rain radars, long range forecasts and current temperatures, this site has a bit of everything. There is a subscriber service which I know many farmers, contractors and fishermen around the district use.

Many of the news sites also have weather links on them. For weather information around the world (handy if you are traveling) check out or some of the larger travel sites have weather information.

Te Ara – The online Encyclopedia of New Zealand has some great weather information for projects, including some striking photographs. Go to

If you are looking up weather information in the library, we have plenty to help you as well, in both the children’s and adult’s non-fiction area under reference number 551.

And locally - check out the photo of the hailstones at Orewa in the New Zealand Herald this morning. A scene more often seen in the Nordic countries commented one of our librarians.

Today in the Library

The school holiday programme ramps up today with the following events:

Kumeu Library
10.30 am Spring sheep stories and fun

Mahurangi East Library
10.30 am Spring is in the air storytime

Orewa Library
11.00 am Storytime for preschoolers

Whangaparaoa Library
11.00 am Storytime for preschoolers

And tomorrow there are events at Helensville and Warkworth (10.30am) Orewa (2pm) and Whangaparaoa (11am).

Monday, 24 September 2007

What's on in the library today?

Helensville Library and Service Centre
Storytime for preschoolers 10.30am

Kumeu Library
Storytime for preschoolers 10.30am

Warkworth Library
"Special party themed storytime" 10:30am

Orewa Library
"Spring into Spring – stories and activities" 2pm

Deaf Awareness Week

This week is Deaf Awareness Week. They focus on a different theme each year and this year they're "...encouraging people to take sensible precautions now so they can enjoy the sounds they love forever."

"Seven out of ten under 30 year olds are experiencing symptoms of permanent hearing damage after listening to loud music – yet do nothing to prevent it.
These symptoms include dullness of hearing and ringing in the ears (tinnitus) - both early signs of irreversible hearing damage. "

There are tips for protecting your hearing on their website. There is also a fantastic list of resources to have a look at.

What can I read? NZ books for children

New Zealand Book Month celebrates New Zealand books and authors. Here are three of the titles recommended by the NZ Book Month team.

"Under the mountain" by Maurice Gee
Beneath the extinct volcanoes that surround the city, giant creatures are waking from a spellbound sleep that has lasted thousands of years. Their goal is the destruction of the world.
This book is a high-spirited introduction to New Zealand art, featuring 44 works from the past thirty years.

"Weaving earth and sky : myths & legends of Aotearoa" by Robert Sullivan ; illustrations by Gavin Bishop.
Retells the classic Maori myths and legends, which range from creation to Maui to Kupe’s arrival in Aotearoa.

Friday, 21 September 2007


Today is Loud Shirt Day. It's the "annual appeal of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Paediatric Programme, two independent charities who are dedicated to enabling deaf children with a cochlear implant to listen and speak like their hearing peers." They provide "Auditory-Verbal Therapy [which] works by accelerating the natural language development process to enable a deaf or hearing-impaired child to catch up on the listening and language development that he or she missed out on before receiving a cochlear implant."

Thursday, 20 September 2007

What can I read? NZ Books for teens

New Zealand Book Month celebrates New Zealand books and authors. Here are four of the titles recommended by the NZ Book Month team.

"Hunter" by Joy Cowley.
In this riveting book two very different worlds are brought together, giving us a rare glimpse of the remarkable human spirit that connects us all.

"Alex" by Tessa Duder.
Fifteen-year-old Alex struggles to overcome personal trauma and hardship as she competes for a place on the New Zealand swimming team participating in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

"Shooting the moon " by V.M. Jones.
Pip heads into the wilderness with Dad on the traditional McLeod first hunting trip. He faces a dramatic choice and discovers what it means to confront issues of life and death.

"The changeover : a supernatural romance" by Margaret Mahy.
From the moment Laura sees the face in the in the mirror, she knows it an omen. It isn’t the first time she’s had a premonition, but never before have the consequences been so dire.

Spring fever at Rodney Libraries - school holiday programme

Come to a Rodney Library for Spring Fever stories and fun!

Helensville Library and Service Centre
Wednesday 26 September 10.30 am. "Spring sheep stories and fun"
Tuesday 2 October 10.30 am. "Spring flower stories and fun"
Thursday 4 October 10.30 am. "Spring garden stories and fun"
Storytime for preschoolers will run as usual 10.30am Mondays

Kumeu Library
Tuesday 25 September 10.30 am. "Spring sheep stories and fun"
Thursday 27 September 10.30 am. "Spring flower stories and fun"
Wednesday 3 October 10.30 am. "Spring garden stories and fun"
Storytime for preschoolers will run as usual 10.30am Mondays

Mahurangi East Library
Tuesday 25 September 10.30am. "Spring is in the air"
Thursday 27 September 10.30am. "Catch the spring sunshine"
Tuesday 2 October 10.30am. "What’s hatching?"

Orewa Library
Monday 24 September 2pm. "Spring into Spring – stories and activities"
Wednesday 26 September 2pm. "Spring into Spring – stories and activities"
Monday 1 October 2pm. "Spring into Spring – stories and activities"
Wednesday 3 October 2pm. "Spring into Spring – stories and activities"
Storytime and Rhymetime for preschoolers will run as usual
Storytime 11 am Tuesdays :: Rhymetime 11 am Thursdays

Warkworth Library
Monday 24 September 10:30am. "Special party themed storytime."
Wednesday 26 September 10.30 am. "Animal fun with special guest"
Wednesday 3 October 10.30 am. "Watch them grow – garden fun"
Storytime for preschoolers will run as usual 10.30 am Mondays and Thursdays.

Wellsford Library
Thursday 27 September 10.30am. "Watch them grow"
Storytime for preschoolers will run as usual 10.30 am Wednesdays

Whangaparaoa Library and Service Centre
Thursday 27 September 6 pm. "Pyjama Party -wear your PJs & a spring flower!"
Friday 28 September 11 am. "Free music & movement session with Hendrina from Kindermusik"
Wednesday 3 October 2 pm. "Indoor games at the library"
Thursday 4 October 2 pm. "Dogs are your friends – RDC Dog Control Officer Craig will be here to talk about safety for children around dogs."
Friday 5 October 11 am. "Free music & movement session with Hendrina from Kindermusik"
Storytime and rhymetime for preschoolers will run as usual
Storytime 11 am Tuesdays and Wednesdays :: Rhymetime 11 am Thursdays

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Women's Suffrage Day

It's Women's Suffrage Day.

One hundred and eight years ago, on 19 September 1893, New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote.

You can find out more from 'Te Kete Ipurangi:The Online Learning Centre' here.
'Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand' has a variety of links here.

Kate Sheppard, the woman who led the fight for the right to vote is profiled in this book by Judith Devaliant "Kate Sheppard : a biography : the fight for women's votes in New Zealand : the life of the woman who led the struggle".

More books about womens suffrage in New Zealand can be found on the catalogue here.

Avast matey, it's "International Talk like a Pirate Day"

Ahoy there. 'Tis "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" so ye'll be wantin' to check out these beauties.

For the littl'uns
"1001 pirate things to spot "by Rob Lloyd Jones ; illustrated by Teri Gower.
"The great piratical rumbustification ; &, The librarian and the robbers" by Margaret Mahy
"Pirate-o-pedia" Edited by Alisha Niehaus
"The Usborne official pirate's handbook " by Captain Indigo Stormface (a.k.a. Sam Taplin)

For the big'uns
"The mammoth book of pirates : in which is related many true and eyewitness accounts of the most notorious plunderers to rove the seas" Edited by Jon E. Lewis.
"The pirate hunter : the true story of Captain Kidd" by Richard Zacks.
"Under the black flag : exploits of the most notorious pirates" by Don C. Seitz.

For the whole frisky lot'o'ya
"The Pirates of Penzance" Various performances of the opera by Gilbert and Sullivan
Treasure IslandA variety of interpretations of the classic story from Robert Louis Stevenson.
Pirates of the CarribbeanA popular version of piratical fun to hit the big screen.


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Wheel of Time turns full circle.

Author Robert Jordan, whose "Wheel of Time" series of fantasy novels sold millions of copies, died Sunday of a rare blood disease. He was 58.

The first volume in his Wheel of Time epic, "The Eye of the World," was published in 1990. Since then there have been numerous other volumes, plus a prequel. Book 11 (Knife of Dreams) was published in 2005 and Jordan was working on Volume 12 at the time of his death.

Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time series have many fans and will be sorely missed.

LIBRARIES AND FASHION go together like...

.. well according to the stereotype and the news media recently, they don’t. However, it didn’t stop me dying my hair red (for a good cause), although debate about whether my fashion sense is actually stylish is still continuing. But if you can’t have a little laugh at yourself and take your sense of humour into the workplace, then the days would be really boring. And life in the library is never that.

Actually, introducing fashion into the blog today, is just my way of highlighting that it is Air New Zealand Fashion Week this week. Yes, spring is the time the collections from our top designers hit the catwalks for those that can to ooh and aah in person, and those that can’t to read about it all in the magazines, newspapers and blogs. The NZ Herald has lots of information under their Fashion & Beauty page.

As well as the industry shows, there are events open to the public, but you may have to be quick. Tickets are available at Ticketek for Air New Zealand Fashion Week 4Y, Designer selection shows, Fashion Plate restaurant, the Designer Garage Sale (hugely popular) and the wrap party.

Meanwhile, this librarian is just going to sit back and dream a little, about what a well dressed librarian should be wearing over summer, before I hit the wardrobe for a spring clean.

Monday, 17 September 2007

How many have you read?

This morning I grabbed a copy of the pamphlet "50 Great New Zealand Books" that has been put out as part of New Zealand Book month (this is available at your local library and is also on the Book month website

There is a wide and varied selection of books on this list, from popular fiction and short stories to non-fiction, cookbooks and picture books. I did a little exercise and ticked off the ones that I had read and discovered I had only read 15 from the 50 (working on the basis that a quick flick through as they pass over the counter doesn't qualify as reading them - ha ha). I must admit there are plenty that I have on my "to do" list so it is probably more indicative of a lack of time rather than a lack of intention (like so many of us).

Some of the books I have managed to look at include:

The House of Peine - Sarah-Kate Lynch
Sarah-Kate is my choice of New Zealand chick-lit authors. Her books are funny, her characters charming and she throws in a touch of good food and wine as well.

Mr Pip - Lloyd Jones
The book everyone is talking about. It is also one of our most popular items, so it was only recently I got a chance to read it. Thought provoking.

Kitty - Deborah Challinor and The Denniston Rose - Jenny Patrick
New Zealand authors do historical fiction really well and it are one of my favourite genres. Our short history (in comparison with other countries) as lent itself to some excellent titles and some strong woman characters. These two are great examples.

Edmonds Cookery Book
Is it just me, or is it hard to imagine a New Zealand household that does not have one of these books? I am on my second copy (and I'm really not that old). One of my favourites was the anniversary edition put out last year which had reader's favourite recipes and comments.

These books are all available in the Rodney Libraries.
Have a good day.

What can I read? NZ books for adults

New Zealand Book Month celebrates New Zealand books and authors. Here are four of the titles recommended by the NZ Book Month team.

"The Penguin History of New Zealand" by Michael King.
The lay reader’s complete history of NZ in a single volume, suitable for general readers, senior students and tourists. 2004 winner Montana NZ Book Awards, Readers' Choice Award.

"Meads" by Brian Turner.
Colin Meads is considered to be one of the greatest rugby players in New Zealand. Here, he dips back into his playing career and offers comparisons with the modern game.

"Kitty" by Deborah Challinor.
A tempestuous romance and a lively adventure with a fiery and memorable heroine.

Blindsight : a novel / Maurice Gee.
Blindsight' shows Gee the master playing with characters and complex story structures with immense skill.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Te Ra mo te Reo Maori - Maori Language Day

Kia ora. September 14 is Maori Language Day. From here is some background about the day

Te Rā mō te Reo Māori – 14 o Mahuru
He tohu maumahara te Rā mō te Reo Māori ki ngā mahi o te tau 1972, i taua rā tonu ka tukuna atu tētahi petihana ki te Paremata. He mea inoi atu te petihana nei kia kawea ētahi akoranga reo Māori, akoranga Māoritanga hoki i roto i ngā kura o Aotearoa.
Nā taua petihana te huarahi i para, ā tōna wā, kia maranga ake ai ko Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori, kia tūturu hoki te tū o te reo Māori hei reo ā-ture mō Aotearoa.
Kāore i roa ka whānui haere te Rā mō te Reo Māori, ā, i te tau 1975 ka huri hei Wiki mō te Reo Māori. I muri tonu mai ka neke te Wiki o te Reo Māori ki te marama o Pipiri, kia rite ki ngā mahi o te tau ā-kura.
He rā nui te Rā o te Reo Māori, he rā e akiaki ana i te marea ki te kōrero, ki te whakatairanga hoki i te reo Māori.
Ia tau, ka tū ko ngā Tohu mō te Wiki o te Reo Māori i taua rā tonu. He kaupapa whakanui, he kaupapa whakahau hoki i te katoa ki te whakapau i ō rātou kaha ki te kōrero i te reo.
Kua wātea ngā hunga pāpāho, ngā pakihi, ngā tari kāwanatanga, ngā rōpū hapori, ngā kura me ngā whare pukapuka ki te uru mai ki ēnei tohu. Me whakaatu rātou i ō rātou kaupapa whakatairanga i te reo Māori i te Wiki o te Reo Maori.

Māori Language Day – September 14
Māori Language Day marks the date in 1972 when a petition calling for courses in Māori language and culture to be offered in New Zealand schools was presented at Parliament. That petition was an important step in the eventual foundation of the Māori Language Commission and to the recognition of Māori as an official language of New Zealand. The day grew to a week in 1975 with the inception of Māori Language Week. Later, celebrations of that week were moved from September to July in order to fit in better with the school year.
Māori Language Day has become an opportunity for people to encourage others to use reo Māori and to promote it. The Māori Language Week Awards which are held annually on this day, celebrate and encourage all those who get out there and give reo Māori a go.
The media, businesses, government and community organisations, schools and libraries are able to enter the awards by showing how they supported reo Māori during Māori Language Week.

By the way. New Zealand has three official languages. Do you know what the other one is?

Ka kite ano

Plenty to do this weekend

If you are not at the Auckland Home Show and want a more literary bent to your weekend, check out the events being run in conjunction with New Zealand Book Month on the website

The Festival of Māori Writers has been on this week in Wellington and continues through to Sunday 16 September. It is an annual event which culminates this year in the Pikihuia Awards for Māori Writers Competition (formerly E Tuhi! Get Writing Awards). These Awards are presented every two years with the finalists being published in a book, this year titled Huia Short Stories 7. This years' Māori finalists, and a selection of previous winners, will be published in Nga Pakiwaitara a Huia 4. The launch of the two books and the announcement of the 2007 winners will take place at the Pikihuia Awards ceremony at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa on Saturday 15 September.

Food for Thought - Books & Writers Weekend
Out west the place to be this weekend (September 14 – 16) is the Titirangi War Memorial Hall. As part of the Going West Writers Festival this is a stimulating weekend of conversations, discussions, readings, interviews and performance, in an 'out West' community atmosphere, with fine food and wine available. Guests and speakers include Owen Marshall, Tony Simpson, Andrew Fagan, Miranda Harcourt, and James McNeish (among many others), so this is a huge weekend. The full programme is available at

And finally (just because I feel the need to work a little of my favourite sport into the blog), I noticed Linda Vagana was one of the New Zealand identities who had added her 3 favourite Kiwi books to the site.

Linda Vagana has played at the top level of New Zealand sport for seventeen years representing New Zealand, Samoa, and Northern Force in netball. Linda has also worked at the Auckland University of Technology as the marketing co-ordinator for the Faculty of Arts. Currently she is the General Manager of Books in Homes, a charitable organisation that aims to put books into the homes of every New Zealand child who would not otherwise have access to them. Linda's favourite NZ books are The Bone People by Keri Hulme, The Kuia and the Spider by Patricia Grace and The Silent One by Joy Cowley.

Ka kite ano

Thursday, 13 September 2007

What does a BFG and a Revolting Rhyme have in common?

They are both creations of Roald Dahl. Along with Danny (Champion of the World), Charlie (of Chocolate Factory fame), James (and his Giant Peach), The Twits, witches, and many others, Roald Dahl's books have been entertaining generations of children.

September 13th is the second Roald Dahl day and is held on the anniversary of his birth in 1916. Around the world and particularly in the United Kingdom there are huge events.

To find out more about Roald Dahl check out his website

If you think you are a trivia whiz on his books, there is a quiz to take. Go to

Check the Rodney Libraries catalogue for our collection of books by this wonderful author.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Look who's coming to town!

North Shore Libraries have sent us details of some fantastic guests they have coming to speak on the Shore, starting next week with Kathy Reichs. Tickets are available through Ticketek and are very reasonable. Here are the full details.

******* In Conversation with Kathy Reichs
On Wednesday, 19 September at 7pm
Rosmini College Auditorium, 36 Dominion Road, Takapuna
Kathy Reichs is the best-selling author of forensic crime fiction. Her latest book is Bones to Ash. The television series "Bones" is based on these books and she is an executive producer for the show.

***** November brings a Mini Literary Festival to the Shore
Meet these great authors:

Michael Palin
Sunday, 11 November at 7pm
Westlake Boys High School Auditorium
A Python, comedian, actor, traveller and writer, Michael needs little introduction. With his experience and wit, this should be an entertaining evening. His latest book is New Europe.

Paullina Simons
Tuesday, 13 November at 7pm
Rosmini College Auditorium
One of our most popular authors, especially with her Bronze Horseman series. Her latest novel is The Road to Paradise.

Ian Rankin
Tuesday, 20 November at 7pm
Rosmini College Auditorium
Inspector Rebus was introduced to the world in 1987 in the book Knots & Crosses. The latest book in the 'Rebus" series is the new novel Exit Music.

Seats are for $15 for EACH event. For further details and to book go to Ticketek on 09 307 5000 or (Charges apply)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


The LIANZA Childrens Book Awards ceremony has just been completed in Rotorua and here are a list of the winners with some of the judges comments:

The Esther Glen Award (New Zealand's oldest book prize)
Bernard Beckett - Genesis: a novel (Longacre Press)
"one of the most thought-provoking and intellectually challenging novels ever written for older New Zealand children"

The Russell Clark Award
Ben Galbraith - The Three Fishing Brothers Gruff (Hodder/Hachette Livre)
"innovative and magnificent contribution to New zealand literature"

The Elsie Locke Award
Leon Davidson - Red Haze: Australians & New Zealanders in Vietnam (Black Dog Books)
"gripping, illuminating and moving"

Te Kura Pounamu
Robyn Kahukiwa - Matatuhi (Puffin/Penguin Books)
"a remarkable piece of storytelling with exceptional illustrations which should become a New Zealand classic"

Congratulations to the winners.

From dark horse to favourite

'Mr Pip' author goes from outsider to favourite in a dayThe odds on New Zealand writer Lloyd Jones winning the Man Booker Prize for his Bouganville-set novel Mister Pip have shortened from 20/1 to 2/1, the best on the shortlist of six, according to William Hill Betting Operations in London. The shortlist was announced yesterday.William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said, "I have been doing the prizes for the Man Booker Prize for 25 years now and this is the first time I can remember a book going from the total outsider of the field to become the clear favourite. It is just unprecedented."We could be looking at our first six-figure payout in Booker history. We are even seeing people betting on a double of New Zealander Jones winning the Booker and hot favourites NZ winning the rugby World Cup, which currently pays odds of 7/2."However, another prominent British bookmaker, Ladbrokes, has Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach at 6/4 favourite, with Nicola Barker's Darkmans in second place at 3/1 and Mister Pip third at 4/1.Jones said he was thrilled - and also dismissed speculation that his property-magnate brother Sir Bob Jones may have had a hand in placing some large bets. "He is not a punter," Jones told One News. "He is very conservative so, no, he would not be putting money on me."Online retailer reports that sales of Mister Pip have surged week-on-week since the Booker longlist was announced in August. …Mister Pip has already won the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Montana New Zealand Prize for best fiction this year.It took Jones three years and 10 drafts to pen the story, which is narrated by 13-year-old Matilda, who becomes transfixed by Pip, the character in Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations after it is read to her class by an eccentric teacher.The Man Booker winner will be announced at a ceremony at the Guildhall in London on October 16.The other books on the shortlist are The Reluctant Fundamendalist, by Mohsin Hamid, Animal's People, by Indra Sinha, and The Gathering, by Anne Enwright. If Jones wins, he will be just the second New Zealander to do so. Keri Hulme won with bone people in 1985.
New Zealand Herald. Saturday September 08, 2007 By Linda Herrick .

Monday, 10 September 2007

New Zealand Book Awards

New Zealand Book Month celebrates New Zealand books and authors. A good place to start is with New Zealand book awards.

The Montana New Zealand Book Awards celebrate excellence in, and provide recognition for, the best books written and illustrated by New Zealanders each year.
catalogue link

The New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children & Young Adults reward excellence in children's literature, recognising the best books for children and teenagers published annually in New Zealand.
There are four awards. The recipient(s) of the Award shall be a citizen or resident of New Zealand and must have been published in the preceding calendar year.
Esther Glen Award - awarded annually to the author of the book which is considered to be the most distinguished contribution to literature for children. catalogue link
Russell Clark Award - for the most distinguished pictures or illustrations for a children's book with, or without, text which has been published in the previous year. catalogue link
Elsie Locke Award - for the work which makes a distinguished contribution to non-fiction for young people and which has been published in the previous year. catalogue link
Te Kura Pounamu Award - awarded annually to the author of the work which makes a distinguished contribution to literature for children or young people written in Te Reo Māori and which has been published in the previous year. catalogue link
The New Zealand Society of Authors website has a list of awards and fellowships available to New Zealand Authors.

Associateship award for Rodney Libraries staff member

Congratulations to Chris Roberts who has been awarded an Associateship of LIANZA (Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa) in recognition that she has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, judgment, attitude and commitment of a professional librarian.

After several years as a children's librarian, Chris developed her cataloguing skills and interests at Wanganui District Library, then refined them at North Shore Libraries. This led to her current position as District Cataloguer for Rodney Libraries, providing an overall management of cataloguing policies and practices for Rodney and contributing to the Auckland-wide cataloguing team. Chris has been an active member of LIANZA since 1979, serving on the Central District and Hikuwai (Auckland Region) regional committees for several years.

"The Library & Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa: Te Rau Herenga o Aotearoa (LIANZA) is the professional organisation for the New Zealand library and information services sector. LIANZA serves and promotes the interests of New Zealand library and information industry and professionals by providing continuing professional development, professionals awards and recognition, publications and resources, advocacy and collegial support. LIANZA plays a key coordination role in the industry and through its regional and special interest group infrastructure provides organisational structure for members seeking mutual support. LIANZA is a member of
IFLA - The International Federation of Library Associations." From About us

Friday, 7 September 2007

Mahurangi East Library extends weekend opening hours

Mahurangi East will now open from 9.30am 7 days a week.

This means their weekend hours change to 9.30am-12.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

New Zealand Society of Authors

New Zealand Book Month celebrates New Zealand books and authors. It's been said that everyone has a book in them so if you think you have one in you, have a look at the New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc) website. They are open to "...writers of every genre, published or unpublished. If you are serious about your writing the NZSA is the place for you." There are courses, groups and forums where you can discuss your writing.

They also include a list of writers groups around Auckland. (Libraries seem to be a favoured place to meet.) The Hibiscus Coast Writers Club meets at 1pm on the second Saturday of each month in the Pohutukawa room at Whangaparaoa Library and Service Centre. They are a " group to share ideas with, participate in workshops and hear interesting speakers. We have monthly workshops; up to 6 internal competitions per year including poetry, short stories and drama, all judged externally. " Another Rodney based writing group is Kiwi Write4Kidz. They are a group of adults who write stories for children. They have a regular meeting at Takapuna Library and have informal critique groups who meet to share their writing.

Rodney Libraries will be running a writing competition starting later in the year called "Rodney Writes". It will have a different theme to last year. Entry forms will be out within the next couple of months so keep an eye out at your local library.

For advice on writing have a look in the information section in the 808s.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

We've moved

Kiaora koutou.

We know we've just started this blog but after careful consideration we have moved to this new address. It's quite similar but we've removed the dash between Rodney and Libraries. This matches more closely with our library website address We thought we should move sooner rather than later.

We'll duplicate the posts on both addresses until the end of September. From October we'll only be posting on this adress.

As always, let us know what you think.

NZ Post National Schools Poetry Award

As part of her prize, Shannon Boyd's winning poem in the New Zealand Post National Schools Poetry Award was to be set to music by Kiwi band The Black Seeds lead singer, Barnaby Weir. 'The Pact' can now be seen and heard on YouTube.
The song is also available for free download from Digirama for a limited time only.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Peta cooks with the All Blacks

You can't escape rugby fever. Even our 'Inspire Me' library faces are getting involved.
Peta Mathias will teach a class called "Cooking with the All Blacks" in Marseille this week. It will showcase New Zealand lamb, venison and wine. Team members will make guest appearances.

Peta is a chef, author and broadcaster. "There is no better way to discover the culture of a country than through its food" says Peta. Combining her passion for travel and food has meant that her life is one big adventure. Peta is always at the library. She loves to pop into her local to browse through the latest titles on her next exotic destination or check out a recipe from one of the hundreds of cooking books and magazines from the world over.

If Peta was interested in finding out more about rugby she could look on the information shelves at 796.333

Monday, 3 September 2007

New Zealand Book Month starts today

Technically the opening celebrations happened yesterday in Wellington but for the rest of us, it starts today. The winning authors for 'Six Pack Two' were announced. Congratulations to Charlotte Grimshaw, Jennifer Lane, Elizabeth Smither, Faith Oxenbridge, Tracey Slaughter and Dave Armstrong. You can pick up a copy of their stories for only $6 from your local book store. Quality New Zealand writing at a really, really good price. Read about the winners and the judging process here.

NZ Book Month organisers will also be releasing a guide to '50 great New Zealand books' to get you started. You can pick one of those up from your local book store too. Or you could just pop into your library and grab one of the books from the display.