Monday, 27 February 2012

Auckland Central Library - Reduced services

It wasn't a good day for Auckland Central Library on Friday. At 12.50 Friday afternoon a pipe burst on the third floor of the Central City Library, the fire service attended and the water has been turned off.

One of the things we tell all the kids when we do school visits (or when they visit us) is how to look after books. As part of that we go through all the things that books DON'T like. Top of the list is of course water, be it rainwater, bathwater, seawater or your morning cup of coffee. So this was not good news. The Central Library was closed for the rest of Friday and over the weekend while a recovery team worked on drying out any affected areas and a small amount of collection material. Damage to the collection has been minimal thanks to the quick actions of staff.

This work is still continuing, however the Library has reopened following the flooding incident on Friday. Because we are still cleaning up, the library will be operating on reduced services today (Monday). Services on level 2 (CARC , Special Collections, the Whare and the Newspaper Room ) are all closed for today. The Mobile bus that operates from Auckland Central will not run today but will be back on the road tomorrow.

We hope to be back to business as usual soon and thank everyone for their patience.

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