Friday, 1 January 2016

Not Your Usual New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions are hard.  Really hard. And every year we break them.  So it's time that we throw the usual resolutions out the window and opt for resolutions that are a little more realistic.... or at the very least attainable

1.  Eat what you like when you like especially if it comes in a mug (see yesterday's post Can't Cook Won't Cook for some inspiration)
2.  If you want cereal for lunch then have cereal for lunch... and dinner too.  Because cereal is the ultimate comfort food
3. Try a boozy shake. Go on I dare you
4.  Paint your nails a different colour... every week
5.  Embrace your inner mad cat lady (see post Purr, Purr, Meow, Meow for all the cat books you could possibly want)
6.  Take up a craft.  Whether it's making friendship bracelets or Pride and Prejudice characters or pixel blankets.  Just think of all the gifts you'll be able to give your friends.
7.  Follow Shona Rhimes example and say yes to something at least once a week
8.  Clean out the clutter... you're going to need room for all those gnomes
9. Drink at least one cup of tea day.  Even better try a tea cocktail (see post The Elixir of Life)
And finally...

10. Read all the books mentioned in this blog post and all the others.

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