Friday, 1 January 2016

Good enough: The final reading challenge update

Yeah, my family can't read it either.

Haaaaappy New Year! It's 2016, the time when we can reflect on everything we did last year and say, of course I'll do better this year.

Speaking of reflection, does anybody remember way back when, when I started doing a reading challenge? Well, I may have stopped updating you all on it, but I didn't quite stop doing it! However, I'm not writing this to update you on what I've completed lately, but to wrap it all up so that I can start a new challenge (and wish you a good one, while we're at it).

Did I finish it? Well... no. Am I disappointed? No! In fact, while I didn't always stick to the required list, it meant I always had a prompt in case I ever got stuck without a book, which is a great idea in case you're ever wondering what to read next.
And I'm not upset that I failed at my challenge, because I've come to terms with the idea that failure just gives you another chance to do it again (and because it turns out that 52 books is a LOT).

No doubt my new reading challenge will come around with January, and no doubt I'll grab it by the horns again and try to cross everything off of it.
But fifty two books is a heck of a lot, so I'm quite chuffed with myself at having finished how many I did - especially as I did read more books, just nothing I could fit into these categories.

Just to show you how I got on, I thought I'd include the latest and last update of the list, and how much I crossed off. Next year, the goal is to cross off a few more than this one.

What did I miss? Well, about half. But half is half, and that's like, 27 more than zero. I even cheated and reshuffled them so I could put others in categories I had 'already done', but I'll take what I can get. Some of these books were... well, not my cup of tea. Some of them are now on my to-buy list. No doubt you'll see a few of these in future blog posts where I gush all about them (and some I already have)!

My family is now in the process of making a new and revised book list. It's made of two parts - those who have less time to read can tackle the one-book-a-month challenge, and the others have an extra list that doubles it.
It seems like a few of us never got around to completely finishing our list, but not for trying (we shared our progress on a family page). I wasn't the only one! It does mean that hopefully, I'll finally be able to finish a challenge I set for myself - but we can only see.

How did everyone else do? Did you guys have any reading (or otherwise) challenges that you pulled off magnificently, or failed miserably, or finished like me and did so-so? And do you have any more plans for a new one this lovely new year? Let me know!

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