Tuesday, 12 January 2016

David Bowie: Starman

Artist, Hero, Starman...

David Bowie touched something in all of us and made us feel that it was okay to be different.  An oddball himself, he lead his life with dignity and grace and all on his own terms.  In a world where being different isn't always easy, Bowie shouted out his differences in the only way he knew how - with music.  And what glorious, wonderful music it is.

From Space Oddity to Golden Years to Under Pressure to This Is Not America his talent, passion and artistry shines through, every song unique just like he was.  And it's this uniqueness and inspiration that will live long in each and every one of us every time we hear one of his songs.

RIP David Bowie.  You are a Starman to us all.

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