Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Where have my weekends gone?.... Orange is the new black, that's where.

Okay... so I recently finished this series that I was a bit dubious about watching. Yeah, yeah another jail TV series, I know. BUT, before you cast it aside like I initially did, let's see if this will get you all hooked.

The series revolves around a character called Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. Once behind bars, Piper contends not only with the "fishbowl" of prison life (where seemingly minuscule infractions can leave one starved, stalked, or worse), but the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship with her fiance Larry. Piper has to deal with the demons of her past decisions and pay for the demons of others, out of which some positive human traits emerge.

Even though it's set in a prison that serves tampon sandwiches for lunch, Orange Is the New Black is a pretty highbrow show, whether it's quoting Shakespeare's Coriolanus, name-dropping Ulysses, or analyzing Robert Frost's ''The Road Not Taken'' in a way that will permanently alter how you interpret that poem.

In case you didn't realize, the TV show is based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, about her experiences in prison.

I'm currently eagerly awaiting the book to come in on hold for me, which I'm hoping will fill the void until the next series starts. It’s only about the need for more – no matter what more might be. I’ve become so engrossed to these characters and have had so much fun watching every single up and down that comes from being in Litchfield prison. I just want OITNB and fast.

Check out the trailer for series 1 here and place a hold on it with Auckland Libraries here.

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