Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Libraries and Lolcats - a puuuuuurfect match

We all know that the Web was created so that physicists could share their research papers, right?  Well, Web 2.0 was developed so that people could admire the antics of cute cats. Like this cool kitty from Coolangatta.

Forward thinking physicists knew the value of cat memes well before they became a thing. You may have heard of the paradox of Schrodinger’s Cat. Sadly, Schrodinger didn’t know about lolcats. In fact, Schrodinger needs a serious image makeover, or at least a visit from the SPCA.

Cats feature heavily in library lore. Dewey the library cat is one example. He was rescued by librarians in the middle of a freezing winter in Spencer, Iowa and went on to live a long, happy life in the library, doing wonders for the town’s economy along the way.

An example of a cat who loved Auckland Libraries was the late Xena, the St Heliers library cat. She was well known in the suburb and is deeply missed by staff and customers.

Here are some other cats who generously lent their time and presence to libraries around the world.

Kitties have pretty much taken over Twitter in recent times too. They seem quite suited to it: maybe it’s because they are creatures of so few words, who knows? Check out @BlindCatRescue for some truly heart-warming tweets.

When it comes to cat rescue, who really benefits? I have often wondered this. When I rescued my blind cat a couple of years ago, I think in a small way he may well have rescued me. Author Gwen Cooper's blind cat Homer changed her life (even saving her from an intruder in her apartment), as she surely changed his. And James Bowen had a much more profound experience with his new feline friend Bob helping him beat homelessness and drug addiction: the resulting book has been a best seller.

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