Thursday, 3 December 2015

An Avalanche of Bookie Gifts

It's that time of year again.  You know the one.  Where you have to go out and face the hoards as you hunt for that exclusive gift.

If you're anything like me, the thought of facing it all has you heading for the hills with a good book and a ice cold frappe and ignoring it all.  This year though I have the absolute perfect solution: Online shopping.  Trust me it's the answer to everything. You can even do your shopping in your pyjamas. How awesome is that?

As always when I am hunting for gifts, I seem to find things that I want for myself and they seem to magically appear in my shopping cart before you know it.  Because of course you have to buy a few things for yourself.  Don't you?  And the wonderful thing is that all of these gifts are available right here in New Zealand.  Which means little to no shipping costs and super fast delivery.

First up is a colouring book.  For adults. Because yes that is a thing. A very big thing. And it seems there are colouring books of all kinds from Game of Thrones to Outlander to Sherlock. So how could you not check them out?

A notebook is always a necessity and this Penguin notebook featuring famous books seems like the perfect gift for any book lover.  Bookmarks are also another necessary thing and something you can never have enough off.  My current two favourites are this Owl paperclip type and this Winnie-The-Pooh one.

For something for the book or word lover who has everything, how about a set of fridge font magnets? Guaranteed to improve your spelling and your language.

Something that I treated myself last year was a Wonder Woman eyeglasses case.  Because how could I not?  And because it is just so perfect and also very handy as a safe place to put your sun glasses.

You can never have too many mugs.  Or at least you don't if you're me.  And these Christopher Vine designer mugs are absolutely beautiful,  Even better, they come in a variety of patterns and colours and there are bowls and plates and jugs too.  I'm very tempted to collect the entire lot.

Tote bags are another thing that I tend to have a lot of.  Mostly because I'm always breaking the handles on the things from overloading them with library books.  Luckily the tote bags I buy are only $2 so really you can easily buy 1 of every design.  I'm currently eyeing up this mosaic one as well as the pineapple one.

I've been in a bit of a Martha Stewart mode lately, trying everything from baking to home decorating, and the next two items are things I have been lusting after for absolutely ages - an ampersand light, perfect for that night time reading, and a chaise lounge chair, which is my idea of heaven.  Only thing is once I get this chair I may never want to leave it.

So that's my Christmas wish list.  What gifts have you been eyeing up?

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