Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Year, New Hobby - Crochet for beginners with Bella Coco

Yep - It's officially 2015 and I still find myself writing 2014. Not quite broken that habit yet.

I decided not to set any New Years resolutions this time round due to continuously breaking them in previous years. Instead I got inspired by a lovely customer to try a new hobby. 

Crocheting - Something I never thought I'd be so excited to be doing in my 20's! I've tried my hands at knitting and unfortunately all I managed to accomplish was making a big ball of knotted mess. Safe to say, knitting is not for me.

After a bit of researching for some simple steps on how to crochet for beginners I found an amazing lady on YouTube, by the name of "Bella Coco" who does some gorgeous crochet tutorials, and the best part is that they are so easy to follow.

I have decided for my first project I am going to make a Granny Square crochet blanket, with a slight twist - I am taking the blanket and making it a year long project. I plan on making a 2015 "Mood Blanket". Each day during 2015 I will make a small granny square, and the colour will be picked depending on the mood I was feeling each day.

Here is the tutorial I found really helpful by Bella Coco on how to create the squares for the blanket - 

After you have created all the squares you want and are ready to connect them all together to create the blanket here is another fabulous tutorial from Bella Coco on how to do it - 

When you are ready and feel more confident with crocheting, check out the crochet books that Auckland Libraries have by clicking here for even more wonderful projects to have a go at.

If any of you feel inspired to have a go at this too I would absolutely love to see photos of your work.

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