Thursday, 29 January 2015

Check it Out!

It’s difficult to describe, but if you imagine all the worst infomercials(are there any good ones?), Triangle TV and  all those many horrific moments from Kiwi award shows thrown together you may get a rough idea of what ‘Check it out, with Dr. Steve Brule’ is like. The 'format' very loosely mimics an investigative report on an issue fronted by a naive, endearing moron called Dr Steve Brule.

Dr. Steve Brule is the comic creation of actor John C Reilly. The character originally appeared on the truly great 'Tim and Eric Awesome show', and was so successful that he rightly got his own spin-off, which has been going for three seasons.

This show can seem like homemade TV made by people who only just discovered technology, or like a bad television nightmare - even if you are a fan like me. Jarring edits enhance already awkward pauses as Dr Brule bumbles his way through thoroughly bizarre interviews centered around ‘issues’ like: health, relationships, family, fear, food and friendship. 

So…well…check it out!

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