Friday, 5 December 2014

The Twelve Posts of Christmas: Tinsel Here, There And Everywhere

I'm pretty much a low-key sort of person in regards to decorations.

A tiny tree that will fit on a desk, a sprinkle of tinsel, maybe some fairy lights and voila I'm done.

Some people on the other hand can and do go full-on.

From the Christmas tree with everything...

... to a house that glows so much that you've got to wonder about their power bill...

... and if they can sleep at night, what with all the lights and things glaring in their face.

 Pretty to look at but terrible to live with.

I'll think I'll stick to a much simpler and less expensive Christmas.  Like maybe a book tree?

Of course if I was remotely crafty I would also make my own Christmas decorations.

Like maybe these superhero ornaments to hang off your tree

 Then again it just sounds like too much work.

Of course for those of you who are crafty maybe some of these books will give you decorating inspiration.

Martha Stewart eat your heart.

Washi Tape Christmas : Easy Holiday Craft Ideas with Washi Tape

Christmas decorations.  Made out of tape.

Now that is my kind of Christmas craft
Trim the Tree : Christmas Ornaments to Stitch

Just as I am not a shopper, I am also not a stitcher. 

Me and sewing go hand in hand like gasoline and a match with pretty much the same effect, in other words a disaster.

Trust me you don't want me anywhere a needle and thread.

Natural Christmas Crafts

I really like the candle decorations on the front cover of this book.

If only I was a crafter...

Have Yourself a Homemade Christmas

A play on that Christmas song, Gooseberry the publishers of this book have been churning out Christmas craft books and cookbooks for years now.

I must admit I'm very tempted to check this out, just for the Christmas cookies alone.

Handcrafted Christmas : Ornaments, Decorations, and Cookie Recipes to Make at Home

And finally another Christmas craft book.

Because you can never have too many.

Feeling inspired yet?

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