Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Twelve Posts of Christmas: A Clickty Click Christmas or I Hate Shopping

I'm not a shopper.  I am, in truth, hopeless at it.  There's the walking from shop to shop trying to find something I like and then if I do find something, I generally find two somethings which means of course making a decision, which is so not me, and then there's the inevitable shopper's remorse which always kicks in afterwards.

As you can see me and shopping just don't go together.  Give me a good book or movie or TV show any day.

Recently though I've discovered a slightly easier way of shopping... Online.  And it is so much easier. Well sort of... I still have trouble choosing and still get a touch of buyer's remorse afterwards.

Maybe next year I should just hire a personal shopper to do it for me.

Still if you're like me and looking for gift ideas of your book lover maybe some of these will help.


You can never have too many bookmarks.

Especially if you're like me and have several books on the go at the same time.

Of course finding bookmarks is pretty easy but finding unusual or quirky bookmarks takes a little bit of research.

I kinda love these ones.

They just fit that quirky bill.  And even better there are lots of other designs.

Book Necklace

Bookriot is one of my favourite websites.

There are book reviews, book lists, book tales and of course book gifts, courtesy of their Book Fetish column which features all sorts of weird and wonderful gift ideas.

This is one that is actually a Bookriot gift and it's pretty awesome.

I'm almost tempted to get one for myself.

Which is part of the fun in hunting out gifts.

Banned Books Socks

I love socks.

All kinds of socks.

It's kind of my thing.  So as you can imagine I'm always looking out for unique and interesting sock designs, usually something geeky and hopefully pretty and colourful.

These banned books socks may be in just black and white but they are still neat.

Just another thing to add to my own personal shopping list.  Sigh...

Library Due Date Underwear

The people on Etsy are just amazing.

The things they design are truly inspired.  How do they come up with them I have no idea.
But that's okay because really all that matters is that you can buy pretty much anything in hundreds of thousands of designs, from Supernatural to Teen Wolf to Jane Austen.

Being the Librarian that I am it probably comes as no surprise that these caught my eye.  Because how could they not.

Hunger Games Nail Polish

Hunger Games fan?

Or shopping for a Hunger Games fan?

Then these nail polishes may be just the thing you are looking for.

Because yeah they are Hunger Games inspired nail polish.

Who knew?

Comic Hero iPhone Covers

Batman versus Superman.

It's one of those life questions that always comes up.  Personally I'm more of a Batman fan but that's okay because yes there is a Batman iPhone cover too.

Superman just looked a little bit more colourful and awesome for the blog post.

Sorry Batman.

The Book Seat

Yes someone somewhere came up this idea.

A seat to perch your book on so you can keep your hands free to snack and drink as you read.

Books have never been treated so well.

Book Rest Reading Lamp

Pretty and practical too.  A book rest that has a dual purpose as a light.

Reading in the dark has never looked so cool.

Though I do wonder about the fire hazard...

Bookopoly Board Game

Finally a gift for the book lover who has everything.

A board game that is sort of like monopoly but not.


Laura said...

one of each please!

Anonymous said...

I've got a book seat. Brilliant for reading a book while eating my lunch!