Sunday, 26 October 2014

Take Me To The April Sun In Cuba...

Actually more like October sun in Noosa, which doesn't sound quite as exotic but you get the picture.

Holidays are awesome.  And overseas holidays are even more awesome.  Because seriously how could you not love seeing new places, trying new things (like yummy food), speaking a new language and numerous other reasons as to why travelling is just the best.

I am about to head off on my first overseas trip in 7 years.

Which is a) so nice, b) a little nerve wracking because I hate flying and c) just a tad depressing in that it has been 7 years since I last wandered around foreign lands.  Not that Australia is foreign but for now it's the closest I'm getting.  As you can imagine I have a pretty long list of all the places I want to go to, because List Girl is my middle name.

Hopefully one day I will be able to take off and permanently travel as I work my way through said list.  Until then I have this holiday and a pile of wonderful travel books to keep me going.

Men on the menu: delicious affairs from around the world / Bambi Smyth

"26 countries, 81 days, 294 meals and 75 blind-dates"

I'm a sucker for a good romance.

Any romance really.

So a story of a woman who travels the world looking for love sounds just my kind of thing

Romance and travel and food.    Just perfect, really.

Hitchy feet: a grown-up;s guide to running away from home and accidentally getting a life / John Card

"John Card was a bored 30-something high school science teacher when he decided to pack it all in and run away from life"

The idea of running away from it all sounds so tempting.

Certainly it's something that I've dreamed about.  Travelling the world and writing.  With a suitcase filled with chocolate and cherries.  And a laptop of course. 

Because life necessities.

"The story of a freewheeling Aussie girl who gives up her life in Sydney to live in Prague"

Travelling the world may sound tempting but so does the idea of going to live in a foreign country, immersing ones self in the culture, the language, the lifestyle... it all sounds very romantic.

The reality is probably far different and anything but romantic.

Still one can dream...

My sweet Paris / Caroline Mignot

"The top 150 places for dessert in Paris"

Food.  You just knew I had to go there.

Because how could I not.

After all I'm the girl who went to the same patisserie in Paris every day and tried something new. 

For a whole week. 

And it was delish.
Hot pink spice saga : An Indian culinary travelogue with recipes / Peta Mathias and Julie Le Clerc.

"A love affair with food, travel and India, celebrated by two of New Zealand's favourite foodies."

Another travel book and another book about food.

This time it's India and all it's bright and colourful delights.

I'm intrigued by the title alone

"Lynne and her husband sold almost everything they owned and took to a global lifestyle, living out of a couple of suitcases"

My other half and I dream of this. 


We have plans and counter plans and plans of plans.  And to go with those plans I have lists.  Endless lists of all the places and things I want to see.

And books like this just inspire me more.

The world's best cities : celebrating 220 great destinations

Because I love drooling over travel books filled with lots and lots and lots of wonderful photos I just had to include at least one book that filled this passion.

Of course looking through books like this means that by travel wish list just keeps getting longer and longer.

What's a girl to do?

Travel of course.

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