Monday, 20 October 2014

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a horror television series where each season is a stand-alone story of a different horror theme. The actors remain the same in each season, but take on different roles. It's really awesome to see so many different sides to the actors.

I am not the biggest horror fan, but had heard so many good things about this show so tried to give it a go. I started at season 1, Murder House, and I could not get past episode 1. It was toooo scary! I really only watch scary films on Halloween, and even then I mainly focus on eating the movie snacks and making jokes to stop myself being scared. 

A few years later though, I decided to give it another go and just start from the current season which was season 3, Coven. This season seemed much less "scary" and had a lot of sass, which is what I like! Once I started I was hooked and have gone back and watched the first two (Murder House and Asylum) as well. Asylum was excellent but terrifying and I still feel weird if I see stills from it. 

Throughout my love affair with AHS (despite its rocky start!) I've fallen madly in love with Jessica Lange.
She is. Just. Fantastic. Words cannot even describe how she is the most perfect. See? My grammar goes out the door when trying to explain Jessica Lange.

Season 4 has just started and it is called Freak Show. It is set in Florida in 1952 and tells the story of one of the last remaining circus/freak shows of the time and their bid to survive. 

I would highly recommend this show, and it doesn't matter what order you watch them in, so get to it!

   Murder House                        Asylum                             Coven (place a hold!)

Below is a clip of one of my favourite moments from season 4, ep 1. I can't get enough of it!

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