Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Book of Hat

‘This way I will NEVER have to get a job, learn how to cook more than two-minute noodles or do anything mildly productive. I never have to grow up and I can forever be a kid! Though my ‘forever’ is shorter than most, I don’t mind. What I do mind is that I am going to have to leave everyone I love behind.’

I am well aware that I need to shut up about John Green's The Fault in our Stars and you are probably fed up with me constantly writing about it and it was very much my intention to do just that - that was until I found The Book of Hat by Harriet Rowland

"Hat was 17 when she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that starts in the bones. Living in Wellington, New Zealand, Hat has fought the disease for three years and found a friend in cancer sufferer Hazel from John Green's novel The Fault in Our Stars, duplicating her trip to the Anne Frank House. In 2013, Hat celebrated her 20th birthday and mixed with the stars of the new Hobbit movie - both things she never expected to do. Since her diagnosis, Hat has kept a blog called My Experience of Walking the Dog and the posts are collected in this book, edited with the author's blessing. Why the blog title? Her family says cancer is like a dog - fine if it stays in its own yard. Hat's dog got out. This is her unexpected story"

Harriet's story is uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. The fact that any child or young person would ever have to suffer from a disease like Osteosarcoma is unjust and terrible but Harriet shows so much maturity, compassion and positivity through her blog posts that I couldn't help but admire her. Harriet wrote this blog for her friends and family and I could really feel that when I read her book. There is warmth in the pages and her love for those around her really shines through. There is so much to be learned from Harriet's life and the love and compassion she has for those around her.  

I always want the readers of the blog posts I write to listen to my recommendations but I don't think I've ever wanted you to read a book as much as this one. I will post a link to the library website but I would also like to encourage you to purchase this book as money from each copy sold goes to Canteen. 

The Book of Hat is the real The Fault in Our Stars and it's a beautiful legacy.

Harriet's Blog: http://www.myexperienceofwalkingthedog.blogspot.co.nz

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Mary Mac said...

Hi Laura,

We would love to quote your comment "This is the real the Fault In our Stars" on the cover of the reprint of The Book of Hat. Could you email us at makaropress@gmail.com to discuss/confirm? We would need to get your full name so we can credit you correctly :)

Kind regards,
Paul - Mākaro Press.