Monday, 26 May 2014

The Woeful Tale of The Bad Blogger

I have been a bad bad blogger.

Writing is never easy but it's even worse when writer's block strikes.  It sucks.  Big time.  It's even worse when the ideas are there but the words were not.  My voice, metaphorically speaking, had gone.

It's been a new experience for me and to be honest it's been kind of nice to not have a constant noise in my head.

Nice but weird.  And totally not me. 

Thank God it is slowly returning.  A little bit stumbling, a little bit out of pace but still slowly coming back.

Hopefully you'll forgive me if this post  is not up to my usual standard.  It's almost like being back at the beginning and writing my first ever post.  Nerve wracking but exciting.

So what have I been up to during the The Great Silence.... well reading and listening and watching.  And as usual I just have to share.

The winter people by Jennifer McMahon

"In 1908 Sara Harrison Shea was found murdered, just a few short months after the death of her daughter. Now more than a hundred years later her ghost is said to haunt the fields surrounding her house.  But there is something far more frightening haunting the woods..."

I love a good spooky story and Jennifer McMahon's latest book is exactly that.  It is also the story of just how far a parent will go to save a child.  But is the price too high?

Fractured by Daniel Atkins

"What would you do if life gave you a second chance?  Five years after a terrible accident Rachel's life is falling apart. She would give anything to turn back the clock. But life doesn't work like that.  Does it?"

I don't want to give too much away but this is a great what-if story with an ending that will take you by surprise.

The Mindy project Season one

As usual I blame my online friends for getting me addicted to this show.  But if you're looking for a comedy then The Mindy Project is the perfect antidote to those wintry blues.

It's funny, it's romantic and just a little quirky and filled with weird and wonderful characters and it's also glorious.  Hint hint hint Season Two is even better.

It's Sex and the City for the 2010's.

Banshee The complete first season

Don't let the 1st episode of this show daunt you.  Carry on watching and you'll soon be completely hooked.

Trust me.

It's dark and disturbing and violent.  Like really really violent. Think decapitation by a truck no less.  And it has a Kiwi actor in the led.  And he is awesome!

So watch it.  Okay.

Old tyme religion by Hugo

A bluesy, rock mix with a touch of bluegrass and folk thrown in, this is a new discovery of an older CD  and one that I have to been listening to over and over again.

My favourites are 99 Problems and Bread & Butter.

I'm just a little disappointed that he hasn't done another album since this one.

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