Friday, 1 November 2013

Oh Crap It's NaNoWriMo Again: Fa lalalala la la la la

Someone once asked me if it was hard to write.

The answer is yes... and no.

It's not so much that I want to write it's more a case that I have to write.  Seriously.  My head is a scary place.  It is constantly filled with stories (and not the fluffy bunny kind).  Trust me it's not the sort of place you would want to visit for a holiday.  And the stories I have are not just vague ideas. Oh no as a visual reader/writer I see everything laid out in glorious 3D... with surround sound.  And I'm not just an observer either.  No my head has to go one step further and be a part of the stories so that I am right there next to the characters seeing, hearing, feeling what they do.

It all sounds completely insane I know... or at the very least weird.  Which probably explains a lot.  At least to those that know me.

The hard part of writing for me is turning all those images into words so that what I see etc translates in a way that others can see the same things that I do.  It makes my head spin in circles just trying to think about it.  So I won't.

Instead what I will be doing - at least for the next 30 days - is trying to write 50,000 words because November is the month of NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month for those that don't know.

Of course writing a novel in a month is just about impossible (though I'm sure someone somewhere has done it) but that's not really what NaNo is about.  What it is about is freeing yourself to write.  To stop that inner critic that so many of us writers have and just let our minds and imaginations run free without fear of getting it right the first time around.

What it also means is that I will be doing very little reading *sad face* or watching the latest seasons of Person of Interest and Supernatural *even more sad face* while I hide away in my bedroom and write.  Damn it.

All I can is insanity here I come...

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