Friday, 12 July 2013

Marathons: A Pure Indulgence (Part 4): Teenage Angst

I haven't been a teenager for quite a few years but you wouldn't think it if you met me.  I am, it seems, permanently stuck as a geeky 14 year old.  So it probably comes as no surprise that I have a secret passion for teen shows.

Some people love watching soaps and others reality shows but for me my addiction is for trashy, angsty teen shows.  The angstier the better.

It's kind of sad really...

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is my go to show.  The show I watch when I just want to unwind and veg out and marvel at the sheer amazingness that it is.

There's snappy dialogue, pop culture references galore and quirky, eccentric characters.  And even better a character who loves books!

As you can imagine it was pretty much a given that I was going to love this show.


A little more raunchy than GG (Gilmore Girls) ... because hey it's MTV, Awkward is funny, realistic comedy about the issues facing teens.

There's problems with parents and school and boys and that's only the beginning.  Because life for Jenna is never easy... especially when everyone thinks her accident was in fact a suicide attempt gone wrong.

Life sure can suck sometimes

Gossip Girl

Pretty, rich teens, doing pretty, rich things and wearing pretty, expensive clothing.

Yeah I can so relate...

Still that's part of its charm.

After all everyone needs some fantasy...


Any show that features singing, dancing high school students has got my vote. Especially when it has a sense of humour like this show does and features the wonderful Jane Lynch.

I *adore* Jane Lynch which is reason enough to watch this show.

Veronica Mars

Forget Nancy Drew.  Veronica Mars is so much better. Think Nancy D meets Dawson's Creek with a touch of Twin Peaks thrown in.

Wonderfully brilliant, the show has such a following that a massive fundraising campaign by fans resulted in a movie being made - due for release sometime next year.

How cool is that.

Pretty little liars

Secrets. Lies. Betrayals.

Pretty Little Liars is so my kind of thing.  So it's kind of shocking that I haven't even watched it. yet... something I am definitely going to be fixing with a massive marathon session some time soon.

Dawson's Creek

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I liked this show.

Dawson was an annoying dude who I just wanted to slap across the face and tell him to "man up" and Joey was a dithering mess who couldn't seem to decide what she wanted.

The fact that I liked it despite these short comings just goes to show what teenage angst can do for the brain.  Then again Pacey (Joshua Jackson) was a dream... after all any guy who names his boat True Love (watch High Society & you'll understand) just to declare his love is a definite winner.

John Hughes and Other 80's Teen Flicks

I just had to include a list of these movies because Reasons.

The music alone is enough reason to watch them.  If I had it my way every teenager today would be made to watch these as a Saturday night marathon.  Along with bowls of buttery popcorn, M&M's and vast amounts of Coke Cola.

The Breakfast Club              Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles                  Say Anything
Ferris Bueller's Day Off        Footloose


breve711 said...

AWKWARD! the show I can't believe I actually stayed up till 2am marathoning on MTV one night and was ashamed to tell anyone about.

Have you watched One Tree Hill? That would replace Pretty Little Liars for me in that list. And of all of those I've only watched to the end of Gilmore Girls.

Ness said...

I love most of these shows! I absolutely adore Awkward! :)