Monday, 9 April 2012

Learning to make cheese

I am happy to admit that I *love* cheese. It is one of my all-time favourite foods, and one of the foods I would find the hardest to give if I chose to become a vegan.

Stinky cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, waxed cheese, aged cheese, goat's cheese - I'll try it all.

But I have never been brave enough to ever attempt to make my own cheese. Two friends recently did a cheese-making course, and are trying to convince me that it is not that hard to do. I'm reluctant to admit that maybe cheese would lose its allure if I actually knew how to make it.

To help me decide whether or not to give cheese-making a go, I've borrowed two New Zealand books : Cutting the curd : cheesemaking at home : with a collection of delicious recipes byKatherine Mowbray and How to make cheese : & other dairy products : your guide to easy cheesemaking by Jean Mansfield.

So have you ever made your own cheese? What's your verdict - is it easy peasy or far too hard?

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