Friday, 20 April 2012

5 crazy, mad, beautiful, strange book related crafts I found in Etsy...on purpose

I've been a member of Etsy for about a year now, but I have never bought anything from there. Not for lack of choice, certainly. If anything, there's probably too much choice. First world problems? I haz them :P As an oft failed craftsperson, I covet Etsy crafters' skills, and products. Yes, even the strange and usual. I love to admire the beautiful steampunk gadgets, rings (I'm a sucker for big, ugly, gaudy rings - seriously check out these ones I picked up in New Orleans: ladybug, huge beads, and cameo style), blue jars with feathers (for some reason unknown to me), hand painted canvas shoes and, believe it or not, book related crafts. Seriously, I cannot get enough of them. And not just any kind of book related craft, no, because that would be normal of me, wouldn't it? I'm talking the kind of stuff that makes me go, "YES, BUT WHY?!?" Sometimes I'll email links of book related crafts to friends and family. Mostly they reply with, "WTF? Get away with those!" They don't understand why I enjoy them so much. Sure, some of them are a big dose of WTH, right? Who can fault their passion, though? Not to mention that they're book related crafts! Earlier this week on our @Auckland_Libs tweetstream I flicked out a link to the Etsy image that accompanies today's post. It had popped up in my RSS feeds earlier that morning and, truly, defied logic. Or my kind of logic, anyway. Sure, I don't get it, especially not being a Twilight fan, however I admire their sense of humour. (I'm assuming it's humorous?). And if isn't, then I admire their dedication to their fandom. Even though I don't understand it. Which made me wonder...What other Twilight-related Etsy items could I turn into a post? And here is your answer :)

Note: I chose the Twilight book to focus on for this particular post and, maybe in a week or two, I'll choose another book. I'm sure you're thinking, "YAY ME!" Right...? Clicking on the links will take you to the actual pages where these items are being sold, and where you can view 5 crazy, mad, beautiful, strange book related crafts in all their Twilight-ness! AND make sure to check out this link of a Twilight-inspired Edward/Jacob prom dress, the link of which was sent to our @Auckland_Libs tweetstream.

Have you come across interesting book related Etsy crafts in your online travels?

Clothes: Twilight, Team Edward outfit set for kids by tinyhandscreations
"2 piece set with a open back dress top with 2 different black and gray damask toned fabrics. With extra full red lace ruffles. Black silk extra long ties to loop up into a bow in the back. Rhinestones spelling out "Team Edward". The pants feature a fang applique above a extra full layer of ruffles with a red lace bow with rhinestone center off to the side. Perfect for any twilight fan!"

Tosca's comment: I don't have a niece this age, but I know that if I waved this in front of Miss8 she'd do one of two things: laugh in my face and probably kick me in the kneecaps for the fun of it OR demand I buy it immediately. Maybe even all three. I'm not sure my self-esteem is willing to face the former, and I'm rather afraid that I wouldn't have the won't-power to deny her a Team Edward outfit of her very own.

Student ID card: Twilight props Edward Cullen ID card vampire badge by MovieProps
"This listing is for a high quality credit-card sized PVC card.This card is fully customizable. After payment, if you want to customize the card, please send information and picture via email to orders [!at] identityprops.comIf for any reason you are not satisfied, or are looking for different variations to your order, please contact us. This card does not come with any accessories, they must be purchased below."

Tosca's comment: Showed this to my younger sibling whose eyes lit up like it was Christmas all over again. I didn't have the heart to point out a few things to her, like how: 1) she's not a guy and, even if she were, 2) she doesn't even look a TEENY TINY bit like Edward Cullen and so 3) wouldn't be able to flash it at anyone like it was official ID. What do you DO with one of these, anyway? *is truly curious*

Ring: Mrs Edward Cullen ring by dandandesigns
"Handmade mrs Edward Cullen ring is a gorgeous piece of kitsch jewellery for all twilight Edward Cullen fans."

Tosca's comment: If it were this easy to announce my fandom and marriage to a fictional character (or actor) all in the one piece of jewellery, I'd have done it years ago, and mine would read "mrs dean winchester" or even "mrs jensen ackles." Strangely (??), I'm not even tempted to do such a thing, but I'd love to see your pics if YOU have done so *bats eyelashes*

Decal: The original Edward Cullen life size vampire silhouette vinyl wall decal by vinylfruit
"Design pack includes:1 Life Size Edward of you very own = 6 ' 2" tall1 Edward's "Be Safe" Handwriting to you = 7 inches x 12 inches(choose 1 color for both decals or choose two different colors)Let everyone know what team you're on by giving Edward a home! Or you can keep him to yourself... put him on the back of your bedroom door so he can be intrigued while you sleep! He'll be keeping an eye out for any roving carnivorous vampires searching for a snack, while reminding you to "Be Safe.""

Tosca's comment: You all know I'm not a Twilight fan. I have not been backward in coming forward about my opinions. I will admit, though, that when I saw the first film (and none of the others after that until the most recent one) with friends, I fully had a stupid moment. The scene where Edward first appears in Bella's room to loom over her while she's sleeping? An audience full of young girls sent a collective sigh throughout the theatre. Me, being daft, turned to Elenoa and said, "That is creepy but somewhat hot. Why do I think that?" Possibly because I'm dumb. That's all I can think. I can say, hand on heart, that is the one and only time I thought that, and this decal? Brings that stupid comment to mind. Well, that and the thought that a true fan might enjoy it, but I suspect I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and dialing 111 to report an intruder. Maybe that's just me...?

Magnets: You're a sparkly douchebag in a tree by ButtonBetties
"Image designed by Button Betties and printed in high quality on bright paper and then turned into the button you see here. This is for a set of two (2) 1" buttons. (about the size of a US Quarter)."

Tosca's comment: Not much more I can add to this, really *grin*

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Sally said...

I haven't looked on there for book-themed items, but is a New Zealand version of etsy, and I've found some beautiful items - good for christmas or birthday pressies.