Monday, 15 February 2016

Sneak Peek: Lucifer Or The Devil Made Me Do It

I have, as you may know, a weakest for bad boys. Especially bad boys who have a certain snarky charm.  You know the type of guy,  The one with a wicked but still slightly swoon worthy smile and a way of cutting to the heart of things with some nasty but somehow still charming words.

Forget nice guys. At least in the world of fiction.  Bad guys are the way to go.

The kind of guy who wouldn't hesitate to rip your heart from right out of chest or snap your neck like a twig and do it all with a smile.

Lucifer, and yes it is THE Lucifer, definitely fits the bill in this wonderfully fun show.  The bad angel is this time just a little bored with hell and all that torture so topside he goes all in the name of having some fun.  And fun he does have.  From solving crimes and punishing bad guys to discussing his existential crisis with a delightfully open-minded therapist in exchange for some "naked cuddle time"

Wonderfully portrayed by Tom Ellis (he of Miranda fame) and aptly supported by a cast of intriguing characters Lucifer is the perfect show to indulge in.  And if that isn't enough there are also the comics on which it is based on that you can try out.

The Devil never looked so good...