Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cool cosplay for Halloween

As Halloween sneaks upon us, it is time to think about what cool costume you are going to wear for that party, that cosplay event or even trick or treating. As in most areas of my life, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate all things geeky, and Halloween costumes are the perfect opportunity!

Will I be a gender-swapped Joker? Or maybe a classic Harley Quinn? I know my boys will always want to be someone from Star Wars (Palpatine is the current favourite). Perhaps you are looking for something to wear to Armageddon, which is also almost upon us. Our library collections are the perfect place to start your search for the ultimate costume or cosplay.

Quite possibly one of the best places to start would be with 1000 incredible costume & cosplay ideas : a showcase of creative characters from anime, manga, video games, movies, comics, and more! by Yaya Han, which is just jam packed full of awesome costume ideas. From Speed Racer to Battle Angel Alita, Captain Jack Sparrow to R2D2 and many many more. This is a wonderful book to get you all inspired, but note that it doesn't have tutorials on how to make the costumes.

However, Geek knits : over 30 projects for fantasy fanatics, science fiction fiends, and knitting nerds by Joan of Dark aka Toni Carr totally has you covered with a vast range of actual knitting patterns designed to help you 'embrace your inner geek'. I really really need someone to make me a George R R Martin Dire Wolf, a Communicator Purse and a pair of Cthulhu Gloves. Anyone? Guess it's time for me to take up knitting!

I was pretty excited to come across Geek mom : projects, tips, and adventures for moms and their 21st-century families by Natania Barron, as it looks to be the perfect Mum Manual for me :). It says that it 'explores the many fun and interesting ways that digital-age parents and kids can get their geek on together'. As well as helping you to come up with some thrifty Halloween costumes, there are also loads of other cool things, such as hobbit feasts, magical role-playing games and home science experiments. I need this book pronto!

The fangirl's guide to the galaxy : a handbook for girl geeks by Sam Maggs is just one of the best books ever! With chapters on how to rock awesome cosplay, write fanfic with feels, defeat Internet trolls, and attend your first con, what more could you want?

Lastly, in The big book of Halloween fun by Susie Johns, there are loads of more traditional costume ideas which could easily be adapted to be geektastic. The Eezy Zombies just scream Walking Dead, the Mucky Medieval Peasant would be totally be at home in Westeros, and any Harry Potter fan will love the Wonderful Wizardly Warlock. My personal favourite is the Truly Terrifying Mummy, which brought back many happy memories of The Mummy and Brendon Fraser *happy sigh*.
Not only does this book have loads of costume ideas, it also covers you for Pumpkin carving and Halloween crafts, fiendish food and drink ideas and even some games for your younger Halloween participants. I can't wait to whip up a batch of skeleton popsicles and wicked witch hats!

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