Monday, 31 August 2015

Reading Between The Wines

Have you always wanted to join a book group? I have.

Have you tried and failed, because you couldn't decide on a reading list, or because you're all talk and no organisation? I have.

Have you finally felt cohesive and confident enough, after a couple of wines, to really bond with people about literature, only to find yourself shy again the next day? I have.

I'm sure you all have too, and luckily enough, my lovely manager Laura has addressed all of these issues, and organised Reading Between The Wines. It's basically what it sounds like - we want you to come to bars and drink with us (responsibly, of course) and talk about books! There are no reading lists, no rules, and no expectations and we will be armed with recommendations and actual books, library cards in case you're not a library member (shame on you!) and if you don't know how to do the digital library and e-book thing, we can help you!

We're having our first shindig this Thursday 3rd September at the Gypsy Tea Room (455 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn) from 6pm. No pressure to be a sparkling wit or equipped with soaring intellectual insights, just come, hang out, eat bar snacks, and maybe make a new best friend.

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