Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Geekalicious gifts you can make Mum this Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, why not make Mum something a little different, something a little geektastic even. I took a wander around our library this afternoon and found an absolute treasure trove of books full of gift ideas that I would be proud to get from my own little mini-geeks this Sunday ;)

1000 steampunk creations. Surely Mum would love a little steampunk goodness in her life, this book is full of inspiration for home design, art and sculpture, fashion, jewellery and more. My personal jewellery collection is chocka with steampunk goodies but could always use some more (hint hint).

Maybe you have some old books you would like to turn into something special for Mum. The repurposed library : 33 craft projects that give old books new life could be just the thing for you! Can we just suggest maybe not using your library books for this one, we have lots of withdrawn books you can buy that would totally do the trick though ;)

Maybe Mum would love something that is a little eco-friendly too. MiniEco: a craft book is full of cool paper craft, macramé and more. Who wouldn't want an awesome pop-up pixel card or an incredible origami lampshade?

Just perfect for the cosplaying Mums out there is 1000 incredible costume & cosplay ideas : a showcase of creative characters from anime, manga, video games, movies, comics, and more! With ideas and inspiration from across a HUGE range of platforms, she'll be all sorted for future Armageddon events and cosplay picnics in no time at all.

If steampunk jewellery isn't Mum's thing, perhaps she'd be keen on some Creative chain mail jewelry. There are some beautiful pieces in this book, from the Bicycle chain bracelet to the chain mail watchband.

If Mum needs a little more adorable in her life (I know, she probably doesn't when she has you already, just humour me here), you can't really go wrong with Felted knit amigurumi : how to knit, felt and create adorable projects. I squee'd my way through the contents page, the book is just crammed full of cuteness :)

Perhaps you'd like to whip up something special for Mum in the kitchen? I picked up Gastrogeek for it's lovely geeky title, but apparently it is just the trick when you are in a hurry, hungry or hard up. I sure wouldn't say no to a batch of Salted peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, om nom nom!

The feisty stitcher : sewing projects with attitude uses all sorts of cool unexpected materials and top techniques to make Mum loads of home sewn goodies. I'm pretty sure we all need a Hit-the-road backpack and Nip & tuck T-shirt in our lives at some stage.

So these were just an handful (or rather an armful) of fab books I found in our library today - go forth and check out your local branch and make Mum something magical! We all know that Mum really loves something you've made yourself especially for her :) (although wine and chocolates never go astray either, ahem).

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