Thursday, 24 July 2014

Trailers, trailers, everywhere...

I seem to be stuck in trailer heaven... or maybe it's trailer hell.  I'm not that sure anymore because I've watched so many over the past few weeks.  And not just movie trailers but book trailers. Wonderful little snippets made by publishers and authors and the like, all in the name of reaching out and promoting their books.

They've come a long way in recent years.  No longer bland little ads that really didn't tell you much , they are now professional mini movies with special effects, celebrity cameos and so much more.

And they're marvellous   And also highly addictive.  Which of course meant that I just had to share. Because like all new addictions I've just got pass it on to others.

The following are just a few of the trailers I've found and enjoyed.  Most strangely enough are for books I had never thought of reading until I saw these trailers.  And now I am madly adding to my ever increasing holds list.  As you do.

The one flaw with some of these trailers and a great many others out there are the voice overs.  Seriously someone somewhere could make a really good living out of doing decent voice overs for book trailers.  Sadly it doesn't seem to be a career choice for anyone... yet.   Personally I can't wait for someone like Richard Armitage (he of Hobbit and Spooks fame) to become involved.  Of course if he or someone with an equally swoon worthy voice did start to book trailers I'm might never stop watching them...

One More thing by B J Novak

I have to admit I'll probably won't read the book.  But I just love this trailer anyway.  It's just so French and quirky and French and charming and French... did I mention French.  Oh good I did.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I so want to read the book after watching this creepy trailer.

The Ring and The Crown by Melissa de la Cruz

I kinda wish that this was a TV show.  Because it certainly plays out like a TV show trailer.  Like I said book trailers have come a long way

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Weirdly enough I had trouble putting this trailer in my blog post.  I blame Youtube.  Or maybe Blogger.  Either way I got it in the end.  Take that.

Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Annoying voice over aside I am tempted to read this because hey awesome special effects.

I'll be honest.  This is kinda badly made.  Annoying voice over, amateur movie making and yet I still want to read the book.  Sometimes bad can work.

This might win my award for the most annoying voice over.  In fact it has two annoying voice overs.  Which is even worse  Still dragons.  As people.  So yeah I'm hooked.

This trailer rocks.  Like seriously.  Great soundtrack and great voice over.  Now this is how to do a book trailer.  Great ending too.

A celebrity trailer.  Starring not only James Franco who also happens to be the author but a handful of other actors.  I just love some of the sights.  Awesome stuff.

I love and adore Neil Gaiman so I just had to include this.  Because Neil is in it.  Talking about his book.

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