Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Queen Bey

Last week I was one of the 48,000 that went to Beyoncé's Mrs Carter World Tour at Vector arena. It was an amazing experience. I've been a huge fan of Beyoncé for a very long time and she had been at the top of my 'Artists I must see live' list just as long so seeing her last week was a dream come true. The show was incredible, as you would expect Bey completely killed it. Her show was so well thought out and top quality. Everything from her dancer's, the crew and her kick-ass all female band we're amazing and I almost feel as if you need to see the show more than once to truly appreciate it.

Check out some of our Beyoncé and Destiny's Child items below:

I Am - World Tour DVD

If you missed out on going to The Mrs Carter World Tour we have the live DVD of her I Am World Tour.This features one of my favourite things Bey has ever done: her mash-up of If I Were A Boy and Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know. It's worth watching this just for that performance.


Hands down my favourite Beyoncé album. It features the Grammy winning song Love On Top and the iconic Run The World (Girls). If you have never seen what is possibly the best live performance in the world, check out this video of Bey performing Run The World at the Billboard Awards a couple years ago.

I'm never sure how many people realise what a great selection of sheet music Auckland Libraries has. We have both Beyoncé's sheet music and some Destiny's Child too so make sure you check those out.

#1's -Destiny's Child 

I couldn't do a post about Bey and not include something of Destiny's Child could I? I love D Child and I was so stoked when the had a mini reunion at the super bowl. We have all of their albums and their live DVD so make sure you rock out to Independent Woman sometime soon. That song is my jam.

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