Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Matakana and Zinzan

If you are keen enough to head north this weekend and brave the crowds at Matakana, here is an author event that is happening at Matakana at the fantastic Village Bookshop.

Local author Rae Roadley is signing copies of her book “Love At The End Of The Road” Saturday 22nd October 10am – 12noon at The Village Bookshop, Matakana.

“Soon after returning to her hometown in Northland, New Zealand to work as a journalist, Rae meets Rex Roadley through a rural dating service.Rex’s beef and sheep farm at Batley, on the Kaipara Harbour, has been in his family for almost a century. These days the only evidence of the spot’s fascinating historic past is a magnificent two-storyed villa standing alone on the point. ... Rae, a lifelong city dweller, learns to cope with mud, managing a large house and garden, the intricacies of farming, and the frustrations of life in New Zealand’s backblocks, all the while getting to know the locals and an assortment of animals – from wild kittens to wild bulls.

Rae’s charming story is beautifully written from the heart. Not only does she find love with Rex, but she finds out more about herself than she ever knew. Woven through her account is the story of the great house itself at Batley and the history of the surrounding countryside.”

And just to keep it local for the Kowhai Coast today, there must have been more than a few locals watching This is Your Life on Monday night when home-grown boy Zinzan Brooke was honoured. There are probably a number who remember racing up and down muddy rugby fields in Puhoi, Kaipara Flats and Warkworth chasing the Brooke boys. If you want to refresh your memory of Zinny's playing career check out our library shelves for his biography. It's a bit hard to get hold of now, but worth the read.

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