Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Comics Galore

We are over halfway through Comic book month and I have seen plenty of superhero librarians out there around Auckland (including some with wonderfully graphic tights). So it seems only fair to share some of my favourites.

Some of these are new favourites following sitting in on some book recommendations. Some of these are old favourites. I grew up with comics. I was never really into Archie & Co and only discovered Asterix and Tin Tin later. However my brothers' collection of western and war comics were thumbed just as enthusiastically by me as they were by the male members of the family. Weekly subscriptions to Tammy and Jinty magazines gave me a rose-coloured view of English comics before I delved into the super hero phase. That's my background in comics.

Green Lantern was my favourite super hero. I'm not even sure why that was (unless it had something to do with his eternal patience with the carping of Green Arrow). I still love the comics, especially when he joins his colleagues from the Justice League of America. I have withheld judgement on the movie.

Wolverine is my favourite X-man (everyone loves a Bad Boy). I came to the Xmen later than most but they would probably rank as one of my favourite super-hero groups.

The Fables have been called "probably the smartest mainstream comic going" (Publisher's Weekly). Imagine a group of storybook characters (both good and evil... and some a bit of both) are living around the corner from you. They are Legends in Exile which is the title of the first collection of tales available at Auckland Libraries. All your favourites are here (Bluebeard, Little Boy Blue, Rose Red and the Big Bad Wolf). They fight wars, make up, solve crimes, have families and much, much more. Not scared to kill off your favourite characters, there is always a twist in the tale of this wonderful series.

The Action Bible was recommended by Mack (and several others) at a recent Teens meeting in Manukau. I am so pleased I followed through and requested it. Yes, it's the Bible in graphic novel form, but this is not a dumbed down version. All the stories are here, from both the Old and the New Testament. It's fast paced and contemporary but still portrays the spirit of the Bible. There's even a website which invites you in to meet "the original action heroes".

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