Friday, 21 March 2014

Reality Bites: An Indiana Jones Fantasy

In the AU of my life - that's Alternative Universe for those not in the know - I'd like to think that I was writer or a bookstore owner or even maybe an archaeologist.

Like Daniel Jackson from Stargate, a space traveling archaeologist or even better Bernice Summerfield from Doctor Who, a space traveling, time traveling archaeologist.

I can see myself now, covered in dust and grime, uncovering some amazing galactic discovery that would change the universe with a handsome bad boy space captain by my side.  You know the kind, the one with the sexy grin and the snarky attitude.  Hey it's my fantasy after all and if you're going to dream why not dream big.

Since I'm not an archaeologist or even a historian I have to settle to watching others.  Those that can't... watch or something like that.  And let me tell you there are some amazing documentaries around, so if you're like me and are something of a history buff with a secret yearning to carry a bull whip and act all Indiana Jones then why not check out some, if not all, of the titles below.

Vikings presented by Neil Oliver

The world of the Vikings has always intrigued me, maybe because I have my very own Viking, so learning about these warrior people was something I've always wanted to do.

Even better, presenter and archaeologist Neil Oliver really knows his stuff and makes it all come alive.

A History of Scotland by Neil Oliver

Not only an archaeologist, Neil Oliver is also a Scotsman so it was probably only natural that he would do a documentary about the land of his birth.

Personally I could listen to him all day just for his Scottish accent alone.  A man with brains and a sexy accent. Pretty much a winner really.

Andrew Marr's History of the World

A fascinating look at some of the lesser well known aspects of world history with some insightful parallels made between the past and what is happening in today's world.

This is history through a journalist's eyes and well worth watching.

Beneath the Sands : Ancient Egypt Revealed


Land of the Pharaohs. The Spinx. Lost treasures and curses. Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie is totally to blame.

Although I could do without the death & murder part.  The 1920's clothes on the other hand...

Origins of Us

Archaeology is much more than the history of the world.  It is also the history of us.

Where did we come from?

Why are we the way we are?

How did we evolve?

Mankind The Story of All of Us 

The History Channel is made for people like me.  I could, if I had the time and the access, pretty much watch it all day.  Luckily I don't because death by history overdose might just raise a few strange queries.

Instead I can drip feed myself all courtesy of the libraries dvd collection.

The Crusades

Knights and swords and battles, The crusades is an era of history that captives the imaginations of many.

It was also an era that was bloody and brutal and with no true winner and the outcome of this echoes throughout history right up to today, with the implications effecting both the West and East and all over one little city, Jerusalem.

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