Thursday, 5 December 2013

I listened to One Direction.... and I liked it?

I kind of hope some of my colleagues don't read this blog post. Not because I am in anyway embarrassed in what I'm listening to but just because they're going to give me so much crap for listening to One D and sometimes it's just easier to skip that conversation. But none the less, I listened to One Direction.... and I liked it.

I 'decided' to listen to One Direction because a good friend of mine never shuts up about them and the nagging wore me down (she's not 12 years old by the way) so I went out and I bought (yes, bought) their new album Midnight Memories.

The album opens with their smash hit Best Song Ever. Which is by no means the best song ever but oh my God it's so fricken catchy. This song has been stuck in my head for weeks and is one of the stand out songs from the album. Best Song Ever is not only a pretty solid pop song but it's also the kind of song we all expect to hear from One D. Next up is the band's current single Story of My Life which is arguably one of the better songs on the album. SOML is a good example of what the rest of the album has to offer. The boys have decided to go the poppy, folky-Mumford and Sons route instead of the Dance/pop David Guetta route which personally I applaud. Story of My Life is also one of the best vocal performances on the record.

Best Song Ever

The rest of the album follows the same line as the first two songs. You either have infections boy-band pop (Diana, Little White Lies) or folky guitar based Mumford tributes (Don't Forget Where You Belong, Through The Dark). Of you like either of the first two singles. Then there is a good chance you will like the rest of the album too.

Being new to the One Direction experience I couldn't tell you how this album stacks up against their last 2 releases. Do I think that it's amazing? No. The boys haven't quite nailed putting emotion into their voices as they sing and the album was a little expected content-wise. but I can say that I enjoyed this album. It's fun to listen to and if you want something easy and light then it's pretty good.

Story of My Life

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